1. The Celebrant will be AVAILABLE for your wedding date and time. Your Celebrant wont have any other bookings for your date that will impact on them conducting your wedding ceremony at the time and place you have chosen.

2. The Celebrant will be “on the same page as you, the couple” when it comes to what YOU are planning for your wedding day. Your Celebrant can be one of your most helpful wedding suppliers, giving you great advice and hints on different things to consider (I have years of experience at conducting wedding ceremonies!) They will be open to your requests and offer you plenty of information.

3. You – the couple – will FEEL EASY with your Celebrant, being free to chat about your plans and have some laughs along the way! You’ll feel like you can contact them at any time to ask questions or to announce changes to your plans.

4. They will be RESPONSIVE to you right from your initial contact with them. The Celebrant will respond in a timely manner and offer you alternative times to meet to fit in with your timetable. They wont leave you waiting for answers to your questions and will provide your draft ceremony in plenty of time for you to review.

5. They will “know their stuff”! The Celebrant will put you at easy knowing that they have complete and thorough knowledge of what has to be done to have you legally married! They’ll take care of all the legal stuff and you wont have to worry about any of that… a comforting thought when you have so much else to arrange and organise for your special day!

If you’d like to chat with me about your upcoming ceremony feel free to contact me at any time. judy@civilcelebrantcanberra.com.au; w