My Time…. Your Wedding

How I spend my time for your marriage ceremony… step by step.

There are a lot of processes involved in providing a LEGAL marriage ceremony.  My Celebrant work starts before meeting the couple and progresses through these processes to after the marriage ceremony and concludes with submitting their marriage papers.

Preparation of materials, forms and information in anticipation of meeting with new couples.

I receive an enquiry

I respond to that enquiry – answering questions, providing information. (20 – 30 mins)

We set a time to meet.

I prepare for that meeting by gathering my information to present to the couple.

We meet – in my home office or I drive to their chosen meeting destination (30 – 60 mins),

At our meet & greet – I provide my information and listen to the couple’s wedding plans.

The couple go away to make their decision.

When they have invited me to be their Celebrant we arrange our next meeting.

We meet to (60+ mins);

begin filling in legal forms,

I check ID’s and other personal information,

I have other legal information I am required to provide to every couple,

We begin discussing ceremony ideas and plans.

I add all details of my new clients to my Wedding Ceremony database, including generating and sending a receipt for their booking payment.  (60+ mins)

Some couples like to meet several more times, to discuss their Order of Ceremony and other ideas. It’s up to each couple to determine how much time they wish to spend working their ceremony with me.

I craft the first draft of their ceremony. Time taken depends on how much each couple want in their ceremony – some want minimal and others have a lot they want included.

Communications back and forth between us, to edit and refine their ceremony.

Writing may include preparation of a wedding ritual, if requested by the couple (e.g gift giving etc).

There is final agreement when we are all satisfied with the completed ceremony (av. several wks).

The weeks before the wedding date, I follow up several times to check final arrangements and final fee payment.

I prepare the final 4 legal documents ready for signing (40 mins) – print their presentation certificate

Rehearsal day; (30 – 60+ mins)

I drive to the wedding venue.

Rehearsal may include walking in practice with the chosen music.

They check the legal documents for correct spelling/information

The couple sign one final legal document, before their wedding ceremony.

Finalising the ceremony; (60+ mins)

  • I print my copy of their ceremony – for my use during the ceremony
  • generate and print the couple’s decorative presentation copy of their ceremony
  • recheck all the documentation
  • prepare the PA system – recharging, sound check and packing.
  • pack the signing table and accessories
  • pack my car with the wedding items.


  • Personal preparation,
  • Drive to the venue, arriving at least 20mins before start time,
  • Set up PA and signing table,
  • Check who has the wedding rings,
  • Chat with Groom, groomsmen and guests
  • Present the WEDDING CEREMONY (30- 60 mins),
  • Check all signings on the wedding documentation,
  • Pack down all my equipment
  • Say good bye to my couple – with perhaps a photo together.
  • Leave the venue, drive home.

Finalising post-wedding;

Record all final details on my Wedding Ceremony database (30 mins),

Scan and email the couple’s legal documents to ACT Births Deaths & Marriages office (for NSW marriages, register mail all copied documents to Sydney BDM and a trip to the post office) (40+ mins)

Electronic file all documents, holding onto hard copies until confirmation of receipt of documents and/or of registration of the marriage has been received.

Contact the couple when I receive official confirmation of registration of their marriage.

Many hours and days are involved in my preparation, presentation and finalisation of every wedding ceremony I conduct. The only differences in time spent will only be with those couples who choose one of my quick and quiet, Legals-Only or Intimate style wedding ceremonies.