Legal Requirements for Marrying – simplified

***First, you will need to book your Marriage Celebrant

Sign a Notification of Intention to Marry (NOIM) form with you Marriage Celebrant at least one month before your wedding date.

Provide the required ID documents to your Celebrant, to be recorded on the NOIM. Your Celebrant is also required to provide you with other specific information relating to marriage.

A short time before your marriage ceremony sign another form – Declaration of No Legal Impediment – declaring that you can legally marry each other.

Have two adults present at your ceremony to act as your witnesses to the marriage and to the signing of the legal documents.

Your Celebrant recites a declaration statement to all present at the ceremony and then you each recite a personal declaration to all present (known as the Monitum).

At the end of your ceremony you sign all three legal papers;

a. Two copies of the marriage certificate, and

b. The presentation, decorative marriage certificate,

witnessed by your Celebrant and your two witnesses.

Your Celebrant is then responsible for submitting your three marriage papers within 14 days of your marriage ceremony.