Your Wedding Does Not Have To Be In A Registry Office

Although written in the USA this article is very relevant for an Australian civil marriage ceremony as well!”

Many people today choose to have civil wedding ceremonies. Whether it’s because they are non-secular or are of different cultures, religious ceremonies are no longer the standard. Couples, though, often think that a civil ceremony limits their options with regards to venue and this just isn’t true. A civil wedding doesn’t mean a boring event in the mayor’s office or judge’s chambers; civil weddings can be held anywhere. If you’re planning a civil ceremony, take an idea or two from these top five civil wedding venues.

1. Destination Wedding

If you can afford it, destination weddings can be both beautiful and memorable. Not only will your locale be gorgeous but you can combine your ceremony and honeymoon into one trip. Popular destinations include the Bahamas, Napa Valley and the Poconos. And don’t forget about Las Vegas! Perhaps the most popular destination of all for couples planning a civil ceremony.

2. Art Museum

It’s a location that many people don’t think of but many art museums will rent out space for those desiring a ceremony inside its walls. If art isn’t your thing, why not try a natural history museum or even the local science center. Museums don’t typically advertise this service but will gladly provide you with the information if you phone their public relations office.

3. Club

Whether it’s the country club, the golf club or even the hunt club, these venues offer gorgeous grounds and impeccable halls. If someone in your family is a member, you may find that you can get a discount as well. Aside from simply holding your ceremony at one of these clubs, book it for your reception as well.

4. Town Square

If you live in a smaller town or a city with a quaint town square, phone the administrative office and see if they allow ceremonies on the grounds. City squares often have a bandstand or gazebo which make perfect stages for the ceremony and the landscaping will lessen, or even eliminate, your need to purchase decorative flowers.

5. Outdoors

Assuming that the weather is cooperative, getting married outdoors can be absolutely lovely and offers a wide variety of venues. From your parents’ backyard to the beach to the local public gardens, your choice of outdoor venues is virtually limitless. An outdoor wedding can be extremely budget friendly as well, cutting down on the cost of flowers, decorations and hall rental.

No matter where you choose to hold your civil ceremony, keep in mind that you aren’t limited to stale and boring. Civil wedding ceremonies can lend themselves to more creativity so use your imagination! Use these ideas as a springboard or expand on them to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Civil wedding venues can be located from the areas registry office who will have a list of all local venues, like country house wedding venues

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