WHY is it important for couples to check what a celebrant provides …

WHY is it SO important for every marrying couple to CHECK exactly what a celebrant provides as part of their fee before booking that celebrant?

Here’s a list of what is actually required BY LAW for a Marriage Celebrant to provide to their marrying couples under the Celebrant’s Code of Practice…..

  • They must have a copy of this Code available to couples:
  • Information to assist couples compose their marriage ceremony;
  • Appropriate facilities to interview parties;
  • Conduct a rehearsal if required
  • Appropriate personal presentation for a marriage ceremony;
  • Efforts to ensure ceremony is audible to all;
  • Accuracy of documents and the ceremony;
  • Arrive at venue by the appointed time;
  • If a celebrant is to perform more than one ceremony on that day, arrive at least 20 minutes before allocated times and provide an expected level of service for each (ceremony);
  • Ensure legal documents are completed and lodged appropriately;
  • Accept evaluation comments from (married) couples;
  • Give information to parties on how to lodge a complaint about the celebrant services if necessary;
  • The commemorative marriage certificate on the wedding day;
  • Provide information to the parties on range of relationship services nearby;
  • It is then a celebrant’s OWN CHOICE if they wish to provide their couples with other information or services (ie table and chairs, music, copy of ceremony, wedding supplier information etc).