As a Marriage Celebrant I am often privileged to hear the LOVE stories of how my couples met and fell in love. For some of those couples retelling their “story” will be the most important part of their marriage ceremony! But, that’s not always the situation. There are just as many couples whose ceremonies I conduct who DO NOT want their story – or any story – told as part of their marriage ceremony!

Some couples are not sure HOW to tell their story, so it’s up to me, as their Celebrant to help them write it so we can include it in the ceremony. Some don’t remember – too long ago. Others say their story is ‘boring’ – I can help them make it ‘unboring’!! Doesn’t matter if your story is short, long, boring, hilarious or whatever, if you want it told to your wedding guests, then that’s what I help you to achieve when creating your Order of Ceremony… it’s my job and my pleasure!

Don’t think that you MUST include your story in any part of your marriage ceremony! As your Celebrant I will help you make that decision, if you’re unclear about what to do.

By the end of your marriage ceremony – whether large, small, loud or quiet – what is certain is that I WILL have you legally married! To do that we don’t necessarily need to tell any stories…that’s YOUR CHOICE, it’s YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY!