Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Venue

As a Marriage Celebrant I have experienced all types of marriage ceremonies at different venues around Canberra, South Coast and regional areas. These experiences lead me to some thoughts you may wish to consider when deciding on your wedding venue – inside or outside.

Many couples will know instantly where they want to hold their marriage ceremony – whether it’s a place they love to go to or somewhere that holds particular interest or memories for them, or simply a gorgeous place for a wedding. But if you’re not sure or can’t decide, have a think about some of these practicalities;

• Do you want your ceremony and reception at the one venue? Convenience.
• Which venue will hold the amount of people you want at your ceremony – whether it’s a large crowd or just a few people? If the venue is too big and you only have few people it will look overwhelming – too small and all your guests may be crowded in.

• How easy is the place for you AND your invited guests to access – easy to walk into, cater to less mobile guests, not going to be too wet underfoot (if it’s been raining the days before) – public toilets nearby, enough shade or shelter, some public seating, not too noisy, will it be crowded with other public on your wedding day?
• Can your wedding cars drive in close enough so the bridal party don’t have to walk so far?

• Is it as pretty as you want, can you decorate the space yourself, will the grass be mown, is there any litter that you will have to get rid of yourselves?
• Can you move around any furniture or anything else in the way of your ceremony?

• How much are you prepared to pay to hold the ceremony in that space?
• Do you have to pay for access to electrical connections for a PA or other equipment to be used during your ceremony?
• Do you need to hire anything for that space eg chairs, arch etc?

The venues where you can be married are almost limitless these days! So, just a few hints that may help you choose the perfect place that will make you – and your guests – happy for your perfect wedding ceremony.