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Choosing Your Wedding Venue

As a Marriage Celebrant I have experienced all types of marriage ceremonies at different venues around Canberra, South Coast and regional areas. These experiences lead me to some thoughts you may wish to consider when deciding on your wedding venue – inside or outside. Many couples will know instantly where they want to hold their […]

My Time…. Your Wedding

How I spend my time for your marriage ceremony… step by step. There are a lot of processes involved in providing a LEGAL marriage ceremony.  My Celebrant work starts before meeting the couple and progresses through these processes to after the marriage ceremony and concludes with submitting their marriage papers. Preparation of materials, forms and […]

Legal Requirements for Marrying – simplified

***First, you will need to book your Marriage Celebrant Sign a Notification of Intention to Marry (NOIM) form with you Marriage Celebrant at least one month before your wedding date. Provide the required ID documents to your Celebrant, to be recorded on the NOIM. Your Celebrant is also required to provide you with other specific […]

Legal wording required in ALL marriage ceremonies within Australia

If you have attended wedding ceremonies in Australia in recent years you will no doubt have heard the same couple of paragraphs recited by the Celebrant at all of those ceremonies. No, it’s not the Celebrant “copying” someone else’s ceremony or simply writing the same words for all of their couple’s ceremonies! It’s actually the […]

CONSIDERING which wedding suppliers to engage for your wedding.

CONSIDERATIONS … How to help your wedding suppliers help YOU! Your wedding is all about YOU and what you want for your celebration. Here are some of observations of things you can CONSIDER when looking for and booking your wedding suppliers, helping to make your choices easier and your wedding suppliers super helpful with your […]

Want a wedding day without the worry of “OVERSPENDING”?

As an experienced Marriage Celebrant I have conducted all styles of wedding ceremonies over the years. Every wedding is different because every couple is different! Would you like your wedding ceremony to be beautiful and memorable but not have to spend a fortune on getting just what you want? Then it’s time to sit with […]

What is a ‘Legals Only’ Marriage Ceremony?

There are many reasons why couples might choose to have what I call a ‘legals only’ style marriage ceremony. To be legally married (anywhere in Australia) I, as your chosen Marriage Celebrant, will ensure that the minimum legal requirements are undertaken, as set out in the Marriage Act, 1961 legislation. Let me explain briefly what […]