Going Beyond the Engagement Ring

It looks like this is the year of celebrity weddings, with Hollywood superstars getting hitched left and right. But has anyone noticed the headlines? It’s all about how big the rock on the engagement ring was, how expensive the wedding gown was, how exclusive the invite was and who were on the guest list.

I know it’s a special day and almost, if not all brides, would want it to be the best event in their lives, but from the outside looking in – meaning what’s written on magazines and splashed all over the news – it gives the impression that weddings need to break the bank to be considered special. It’s important to remember, no matter how trite, that it’s always the little things that make the most impression in our memories.

I mean have you ever heard old couples talk about how big their wedding were? They’d always talk about how nervous they were or how they cried when they saw their brides walk down the aisle.

It may be very hard to think of different ways to make your engagement or wedding special without spending or overspending as the case may be, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

Plant a Tree. Planting a tree is the perfect metaphor for marriage, with enough love you’ll be able to take a small seedling and turn it into a big, strong tree. If you’re moving in to your new place and you have a backyard, you can do this together as a sign of a new beginning. You can also adopt a tree in your local community and name it after yourselves and participate in tree planting events together.

It’s not just about the ring. Granted that engagement or wedding rings take the cake for being the number one choice of jewelry when expressing commitment, but there are also other types of jewelry that you can do this with. The Dennis bracelet is just a simple one band bracelet with a ball lock at the end and has become a popular choice for engagement gifts. Maybe it’s the exclusive production of the Cape Cod bracelet that makes it special for couples.

Get a Ceremonial Tattoo. Although it’s not for everyone, the art of getting a tattoo as a sign of the readiness for marriage is very common in some cultures. In Ifugao in the Philippines, women are given tattoos as a sign of their readiness for marriage or as a sign of their maturity to take their place in the society. Explore your lineage and you’ll find some form of rites performed during marriage that you may want to incorporate in your life. If you don’t have one but still want to get a tattoo, get something that holds a special meaning for the both of you.

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