The No 1 Marriage Celebrant in the Canberra region, you ask? Well, perhaps it’s not me … or is it?

How do you rate the local Marriage Celebrants? With 150+ Celebrants in the ACT and surrounding areas alone you, the marrying couple, have more choice than ever before when it comes to choosing your own personal Marriage Celebrant…. the person who will be responsible for not only ensuring you are LEGALLY married but also the person who could set the tone of your wedding day. So much choice, where to begin your search?

Celebrants advertise their services in many varied ways… you may not even view HALF of the celebrants who are available… too many. But you want THE BEST No. 1 Celebrant for your wedding ceremony, don’t you?

Then how are you going to determine who is THE BEST CELEBRANT for YOUR CEREMONY?

You could put out a call for RECOMMENDATIONS. Problem…. the Celebrant who was great for one couple may be completely unsuitable for the next couple. Why is that? WE are ALL INDIVIDUALS! What you may like in one Celebrant others may not like. RECOMMENDATIONS are subjective and can truthfully only relate to the couple who made that personal choice of Celebrant.

You could read all the REVIEWS written for a particular Celebrant. Problem…. most reviews are written by couples who absolutely LOVVVED their chosen Celebrant. Very few reviews are published for those couples who, in the end, DID NOT love their Celebrant! Bias, do you think? Once again REVIEWS are subjective and really only relate to the couple who had the experience!

You could choose the Celebrant who offers EXACTLY the SERVICES YOU WANT. We’re all individuals, we all want DIFFERENT THINGS. Each Celebrant offers slightly different services and as individuals themselves, a Celebrant  will DELIVER THEIR SERVICES DIFFERENTLY to any other Celebrant.

You could choose the Celebrant who is LOCATED CLOSEST to YOU. If you’re not that interested in what that Celebrant has to offer and how they offer it, then YES, you could go for the one closest to your home / workplace.

You could choose your Celebrant by MEETING WITH THEM and getting a ‘gut feeling’ for them and what and how they will suit YOUR wedding day plans.  Personal interviews offer so much more on which to base your choice, helping  you make the right decision for your celebration!
You have nothing to lose by meeting with several Celebrants to gauge their “personal fit” with you.

When we have considered all those sound reasons on which you could base YOUR choice of Marriage Celebrant… recommendations, reviews, services and delivery styles, location and personal meeting… are your reasons for YOUR choices going to provide you with  THE NO 1 Marriage Celebrant in the Canberra Region?

Well… shock, horror…. there is NO SUCH PERSON… NO overall No. 1 Marriage Celebrant in the Canberra Region… There is just YOUR chosen Celebrant, who, of course is THE BEST CELEBRANT because you have considered all the ways in which to CHOOSE that CELEBRANT and your choices have led you to YOUR PERSONAL No. 1 BEST CELEBRANT! CONGRATULATIONS on that choice!